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Rebel Tides by Andrea Gibson

5 Time Award Winner

In this post-apocalyptic tale, modern warfare meets medieval after a catastrophic event thrusts the world back into the dark ages. A friend turned enemy rules the land through fear and famine. His former brother in arms will have the courage to lead a rebellion to take back their country after he is shaken out of apathy by the cruelty of his once ally.

Black Sheep by Andrea Gibson

2 Time Award Winner

A soldier tries to adjust to the civilian world and chooses to protect the ones would label him an outcast as he tries to free hostages from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Phantom by Andrea Gibson

2 Time Award Winner

A virtuous female assassin teams up with a federal agent and a firefighter to bring down a madman that threatens Los Angeles.

Skewed Blue by Andrea Gibson

2 Time Award Winner

A combat medic turned crusader battles discrimination, injustice, and corruption as she polices her city. After her best friend is killed in combat, she vows to uphold his legacy to shift the scales of justice back into balance.

Lone Wolf by Andrea Gibson

A farmer turned bounty hunter tries to escape her past as she heads west. Her past will find her and it will be up to her and an unlikely ally to protect a nearby town from destruction. 

Armies From Below by Andrea & Dallas Gibson

For years space has been deemed "the final frontier". This couldn't be farther from the truth as far beneath the ocean surface an ancient society reigns. A society that for years has sat idly by while humans have laid waste to the earth. All of this is about to change as the hospitality once shown to mankind is about to come to an abrupt end.

Hell Followed With Him by Dallas Gibson

6 Time Award Winner

When a former Army Sergeant discovers that the crime family responsible for his best friend's death is holding the city of New York hostage, he makes it his personal mission to take them down no matter the cost.

Overwatch by Dallas Gibson

2 Time Award Winner

Vietnam, 1967, a time when a single shot could alter the outcome of a years long war. A shot that sets in motion a series of events nobody saw coming, but proves that in war there's one bond that cannot be broken not matter the strain, brotherhood.

Retribution by Dallas Gibson

One man's everyday life takes a turn for the worse when the one person he cares about is entangled in the mess he created.

The Glade by Dallas Gibson

2 Time Award Winner

What was supposed to be an ordinary vacation turns out to be anything but. Evil lurks in the shadows around every corner but none bigger than the shadow cast by a hotel on a remote Florida highway.

The Comeback (A Short) by Dallas Gibson

2 Time Award Winner

With everything on the line a college quarterback will get the shot she's always dreamed of. A shot to silence all the doubters, critics and naysayers. Once and for all she'll get the opportunity to lead, The Comeback.

Voices of Reason (A Short) by Dallas Gibson

2 Time Award Winner

Everyone is made up of something that makes them unique from everyone else. Les Ismore is a man who knows exactly what he's made of. Unfortunately, what he's made of sometimes likes to tell him exactly what to do and those voices aren't always...reasonable.

The Couch by Dallas Gibson

Driven by rage and tragedy, a psychologist in New York City thinks she has the perfect solution for revenge. Unfortunately, things aren't always what they seem.

Six Hours to Santa Monica by Dallas Gibson

A failed NASCAR driver looking for redemption uncovers a sinister plot involving his ex-girlfriend. With the help of a prototype car, he defies the odds to get her back.

The Cost of Freedom by Dallas Gibson

Everyone who enlists understands that with their signature, comes a cost. For some, that cost is never fully known but for others that reality comes far too quickly.

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